Our packages keep your interior crew on-board!

Our training programmes are tailored specifically to your needs and vessel.
Working together with your team for the training period our instructors don't highlight what is wrong in the current system or technique. Instead, focusing on inclusion and positive reinforcement, we gradually install new techniques and methods.

Super yacht tied to dock.
Cutlery in serviette.
7 Days

  • Crew Trainer & Team builder Specialist
  • In-depth analysis of current systems and crew numbers.
  • Custom built training schedule.
  • Five days intensive course on Front of House duties.
  • Team building activities and Communication sessions.
  • Final day round-up with complete real world simulation sessions to cement previous lessons.
  • Client Report submitted on completion of contract.

Swimming pool overlooking blue skies.
14 Days

  • Everything in the 7 Day session plus:
  • 12 days intensive course covering all Front of House aspects.
  • Full day sessions focusing on Service and Housekeeping.
  • Sessions looking at etiquette, demeanour and general practices on how people carry themselves.
  • Role playing exercises on how to interact with clients and guests. Do's and Don'ts.
  • One on one crew member support and sessions.
  • Location dependent days out for team building exercises and excursions.

Man jumping into the sea.

  • Everything covered in the 7 & 14 Day programmes.
  • Potential for multiple trainers specialising in specific departments.
  • Housekeeping specialists for sessions on how to look after and properly care for fine art.
  • Training of Villa or Private Estate staff.
  • Inventory and Procedure Manuals created. Online or booklet based.
  • Reports on current state of linen, tableware and other essentials.
  • Current supplier consultations and evaluations.